Niagara County Sportsmen's Association

2506 Lower Mountain Road
Ransomville, New York 14131



After many months of intense work, the renovations to the Indoor Pistol Range are nearly complete. We are very excited about re-opening the range for use by the members.

However, the extensive improvements made to all components of the range has necessitated numerous changes to the INDOOR RANGE RULES and the OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES for the LIGHTING, HEATING/VENTILATION, and TARGET RETRIEVAL SYSTEM.

Consequently, it is essential that all existing Indoor Range Card Holders and/or those applying for an Indoor Range Card, familiarize themselves with the “NEW RULES” and “OPERATING PROCEDURES”. This is necessary to ensure that ALL Shooting Activities and operation of the new equipment are performed safely in order to minimize the risk of personal injury and/or damage to the new equipment.


If you currently have, or are applying for, an Indoor Range Access Card (both New and Existing Members) – it is MANDATORY that you complete the following process:

    1. Read and familiarize yourself with the “NEW RULES” and “OPERATING PROCEDURES”. Copies of these documents are provided below.
    2. Answer the five questions listed on the CERTIFICATION FORM provided below.
    3. Fill in the member information on the CERTIFICATION FORM.
    4. Submit the completed CERTIFICATION FORM electronically (Click on SUBMIT when you have completed the form). Alternatively, the completed form can be printed, and the hard copy mailed back to the club (NCSA, O. Box 194, N. Tonawanda, NY, 14120) or dropped off at the club (Place in box located on the sign-in desk).

Once the Completed Form is received, it will be reviewed by the Board of Directors for completeness and correctness. If the Form has been completed properly and correctly:

    • For Existing members that previously had a working access card, their Indoor Range Access will be reactivated within two to four weeks.
    • For Existing Members applying for an Indoor Range Access Card and/or New Members that paid for their Indoor Range Access card, but have not yet completed their Indoor Range Evaluation – they will still be required to schedule and complete the Indoor Range Evaluation. (Sign-up sheets for scheduling these evaluations are available at the Club). Once the Evaluation has been successfully completed, their Indoor Range Access Card will be activated.

    Certification Form

    Q1: Prior to shooting, all targets must be placed

    Q2: High Velocity (+1250fps), +P and Magnum Ammunition are allowed on the range.

    Q3: In order to send targets downrange, you must push and release the

    Q4: In order to Start/Restart the Heat/Ventilation System you must push the

    Q5: 9mm and .45 ACP, standard velocity, jacketed ammunition is allowed to be used on the range.